Investment Summary
e-therapeutics is a UK biotech using its proprietary computational biology and RNAi chemistry pETX’s HepNet platform is a well-established AI-driven drug discovery platform that gets new drugs to market faster, cheaper and with an increased probability of successful outcomes. It’s the type of strategic asset that is likely to interest numerous big pharma companies in future.latforms to identify novel gene targets and rapidly develop RNAi therapies.
Investor Relations


Why should investors care about ETX?

e-therapeutics offers the opportunity to invest in a competent team that is delivering a promising future modality, underpinned by a proven business model and supported by Artifical Intelligence across the entire value chain. e-therapeutics can deliver a drug from concept to proof-of-concept within a year, for just £1m versus typical industry cost of at least £5-10m.

What challenges is ETX facing?

Firstly, geopolitical issues worldwide have put pressure on delivery timelines and pricing, due to the increase in costs of raw matierals globally.

Secondly, Bio-technology sector is undergoing a correction leading to more cautious behaviour by potential partners and investors in the near-term.

Have you validated your computational platform?

Yes, e-therapeutics' computational platform has successfully identified gene-disease pairs and has subsequently shown signifcant positive data to prove safety and efficacy of those drugs.

How does ETX plan to finance future clinical trials?

The future trajectory involves partnership deals across the various pre-clinical and clinical stages for individual therapeutic canidates, which can help to mitigate the need to raise dilutive capital.






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M&G Investments has provided a further £13.5 million of funding and an increased shareholding in e-therapeutics, a UK-based innovator in computer technology for the development of life-transforming medicines.

20th Anniversary of RNA Interference in Mammalian Cells

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